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Librly is constantly evolving!

We realize that our online list of newspapers worldwide (online newspapers) is a narrow topic. We decided to launch two additional lists on which we will place interesting items found on the Internet, i.e. the best magazines and the best blogs. In addition, we decided to establish cooperation with three online communities to reward some of the most interesting items with them. You can find our awards on the page: Awards of the year for achievements awarded by

The best online magazines in the world

Unlike the web ordering method you’ll find in the world’s best newspapers, we’ve chosen a different way of organizing the list of “world’s best online magazines”. We only consider the subject matter of a given online magazine. This will make it easier for you to find the best online magazines in the world that deal with the topic you are interested in. Of course, the list will only include some items (the Internet is huge) but the online magazines on our list are items that the team thinks are worth including.

What is an online magazine?

An online magazine is a publication that is distributed via the Internet, bulletin board systems, and other public computer networks. Datamation, a computer magazine, was one of the first to shift from a print magazine format to an online-only version. Webzines are online publications that are distributed via the World Wide Web. An ezine is a more specific term for tiny periodicals and newsletters that are sent using any electronic medium, such as electronic mail.

To represent their readership demographics or to capture alternate names and spellings in online searches, some online magazines may refer to themselves as “electronic magazines” or “e-magazines.”

An online magazine has some similarities to a blog and likewise to online newspapers, but it is usually characterized by its editorial control approach. Editors or editorial boards are common in magazines, and they analyze submissions and do quality control to ensure that all material fulfills the expectations of the publishers (those who invest time or money in its production) and the readership.

What does it take to be on the list of the best online magazines?

We search the internet ourselves, but if you think it’s worth putting a magazine online on our site, please contact us. On the “rules” page you will find information in which we describe how We consider the possibility of including a given website on our lists. On the “contact” page you will find the necessary data to contact us. We reserve the right not to answer or provide explanations.

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